Summary Edit

  • The XReverse is a 2 star tournament bike that is gotten by getting its back, front, suit/body, and helmet/head.
  • You can also get by opening a chest with the whole bike inside.
    2 R bike
  • This bike is Uncommon.
  • In Bike Race Live, this bike's rarity is Common.

Evolutions Edit

Strategy Edit

  • It can go in reverse so it is useful on levels that need you to go in reverse in.
    • Reverse Ability
  • Since this is a breakable bike,you need to avoid crashing.


  • Black wheels.
  • Silver metal parts.
  • Silver reverse engine.
  • Red lights.
  • Whitish-Blue glass.
  • Blue bike.
  • Bright blue lightning volt on bike.
  • Grey seat.
  • Red boots.
  • Dark/bright blue suit.
  • Silver/red gloves.
  • Dark/bright helmet.
  • Red/Dark blue visor.


  • Rarely seen in multiplayer.
  • Commonly seen in tournaments.
  • Max level is 15.