Summary Edit

  • The Wraith is a Two Star Tournament Bike that is Rare.
  • Obtain the head, body, front, and back from chest after completing Two Star Bike Tournaments to earn this Bike.


  • The Wraith evolves from the level 10 Skull Rider, using a level 10 Scooter as the secondary bike.


  • Ghost Ability
  • Tournament Ghost Ability
  • This bike has the Ghost Ability, letting you do shortcuts and stunts that not many other bikes can do.


  • Black wheels.
  • Black/Blue bike.
  • Black eye holes.
  • Red front and back.
  • Blue belt and boots and gloves.
  • White bones on his suit.
  • Black suit.
  • Black metal parts.
  • Grey pedals.
  • White skull


  • The maximum level for this Bike is 15.