• 2 C bike
    The Walker Bike is a 2 star Tournament Bike that can be yours just by getting it's back, front, body/suit, and head or by evolving a Tanker.



    • Unbreakable Ability
    • Tournaments Unbreakable Ability
    This bike is Unbreakable like the Zombie Bike, so you can't break or die unless you kill yourself or fall off the track.


  • Black wheels.
  • Greyish-brown rusty metal parts.
  • Rusty orange bike.
  • White spikes on bike.
  • Yellow lights.
  • Dark brown engine.
  • Rusty grey seat.
  • Brown boots.
  • Blue pants.
  • Dirty brown coat.
  • Grey skin.
  • Redish-pink brain.
  • Red cuts on face.
  • Brown hair.


  • Other than the looks, this bike is just like the Zombie Bike.
  • Since the Tanker has no helmet, this bike may have a story of the Tanker crashing his head and dying, turning into a zombie in the process.
  • This bike is commonly seen in tournaments.
  • This bike is uncommonly seen in multiplayer.