Summary Edit

  • The Undead Acrobat is a 3 star Tournament bike you can obtain by getting its back, front, body, and head.
    3 C A bike
  • You can also earn this bike by getting the entire bike from a chest.
  • The bike's Rarity is Uncommon.
  • In Bike Race Live, this bike is Rare.



  • This bike , so you can control it very well, and do some extra tricks that would be harder to do.
    • Acrobatic Ability
    • Unbreakable Ability
  • This bike is so you can't die on the track with this bike.
  • You can use both abilities to help you use the bike better and get a better time.

Appearance Edit

  • The bike has black wheels and shiny bronze metal parts.
  • It is a blue bike with yellow parts and it has brown spikes on the front and back.
  • The back has blue boots, blue pants, and a blue coat.
  • The rider's face is greyish brown and has red blood marks on it. He has black eyebrows and eyeballs.
  • He has brown hair and his large red brain sticks out of his skull.