Ultra Bike

Faster than Super Bike

Unbreakable like the Ghost Bike

Agile as the Acrobatic Bike

  • Ultra Speed AbilityGo to
  • Hog Ability
  • Acrobatic Ability
  • Ghost Ability


  • The Ultra Bike is the last bike that you get in the shop. It's immense speed can prove to be disadvantageous, especially on the loop track.
  • It is a paid bike and can be purchased (without any discounts) for $29.99.


  • Slow down a bit to prevent the Ultra Bike from over speeding on tracks that need you to slow down for a reason. This Bike is the fastest bike in the game, and the only bike with Ultra Speed.
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    Original Sketches For the Ultra Bike

  • It has the Ghost Ability, so you can go through the track with this bike.
  • This bike has a Long Length.
  • The Ultra Bike's Acrobatic Ability helps it move easier since it has the Long Length Ability.


  • Helmet
    • Black colored with a big turquoise glass.
  • Clothing
    • Black suit and gloves. Has dark arm and knee pads.
  • Bike
    • Neon style. Black colored tires with 3 turquoise colored spots on the rims and it is a hog bike.


  • Like any other bike that has ghost power, there is a glitch where the tires get stuck on the track, thus making a level almost impossible to complete.
  • This is one of the bikes that have 4 abilities and 5 stars,the other Three being the 5 star Tournament Bikes (Mainiac,Bandida,and the Thunder Phantom.)
  • This Bike is the Fastest bike in the whole game.
  • The Difference of the Speed between the Super Bike and the Ultra Bike is actually quite noticeable,only being 0.2 seconds different from each other.
  • If this bike was categorized by stars it would be a 5 star bike.[[Category:Card Game

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