5 R A G S bike


  • The Thunder Phantom is a 5 star tournament bike you can get by collecting the suit/body, head, back, and front.
  • You can also have it by getting the whole bike from a chest.



  • It has Super Speed, Reverse Gear, the Ghost Ability, and the Acrobatic Ability.
    • Reverse Ability
    • Acrobatic Ability
    • Super Speed Ability
    • Ghost Ability
  • Those abilities can be really useful put together like that.
  • The only way it can die is commiting suicide by falling off the track.
  • With this bike, go as fast as you want, because you can't crash. Just don't miss the flag.
  • Use the Ghost Ability, but don't overuse it, or you may slow down a bit.
  • The head needs to touch the flag, so make sure you don't go past the flag with the head down.
  • The bike reverses fast because of the Super Speed Ability, so you can go fast while going backwards.
  • This bike's acrobaticness matches its speed, so it is easy to control.


  • Skull head.
  • Blue boots, belt, and gloves.
  • Red windshield and lights.
  • Black wheels.
  • Gray metal parts.
  • Dark blue clothes.
  • Yellow flame and spike decorations on bike.
  • Grey and dark gray turbo engine.
  • Eagle front decoration.
  • Blue bike.
Screenshot (38)

Thunder Phantom genealogical tree


  • The maximum level of this bike is 99.
  • This bike is uncommonly seen in Tournaments.
  • This bike is rarely seen in Multiplayer.