Summary Edit

  • You can also have it by getting the whole bike from a chest.
  • You can get the Thunder Phantom by evolving a Blue Angel and Agile Soul.

Evolutions Edit

Strategy Edit

  • The Thunder Phantom has Super Speed, Reverse Gear, the Ghost Ability, and the Acrobatic Ability.
    • Reverse Ability
    • Acrobatic Ability
    • Super Speed Ability
    • Ghost Ability
  • The Abilities of the Thunder Phantom can be really useful when used together.
  • The only way it can die is by falling off the track or committing suicide.
  • With this bike, go as fast as you can, because you can't crash. Just don't miss the flag.
  • Use the Ghost Ability, but don't overuse it, or you may slow down a bit.
  • The head needs to touch the flag, so make sure you don't go past the flag with the head down.
  • The bike Reverses fast because of the Super Speed Ability, so you can go fast while going backward.

This bike's acrobaticness matches its speed, so it is easy to control.

Appearance Edit

  • Skull head.
  • Blue boots, belt, and gloves.
  • Red windshield and lights.
  • Black wheels.
  • Gray metal parts.
  • Dark blue clothes.
  • Yellow flame and spike decorations on bike.
  • Gray and dark gray turbo engine.
  • Blue bike.
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Thunder Phantom genealogical tree

Trivia Edit

  • The maximum level of this bike is 99.