• You can earn the Thanksgiving bike by getting 24 Stars in Thanksgiving levels and Winning 100 Games in Multiplayer during November.


  • To use this bike properly, you must be good with the default bike. It is not much different from it.


  • Head
  • The bike rider is a pilgrim with no helmet. He wears a black pilgrim hat on his head. His head has brown hair and a bears on his chin. He also wears goggles to protect his eyes.
  • Clothing
  • The pilgrim wears a black and white suit with black shoes.
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    Thanksgiving Bike Advertisement

  • Bike
    • The bike has a turkey on the back. The rest of it comes from light to dark brown. As usual, the wheels are black.


  • This was the 2nd Holiday bike you could get.
  • During the month of thanksgiving, there is also a black Friday event with cheaper bikes and a cheap shirt for bike race.
  • The Thanksgiving bike is not categorized by stars, but if it was, it would probably be a 1 star bike since it is very easy to get.

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