Super Bike

3x more powerful

Super helmet

Bike doesn't break

  • Unbreakable Ability
  • Super Speed AbilityGo to
  • Super bike is another Unbreakable bike in the shop.


  • Super bike has 3 abilities: High Speed, and bikes with it's speed, Fly easier than other bikes, and of course Unbreakable. You can use this bike to complete hard tracks or getting 3 stars in any track or getting a better ghost record.


  • Looks like a combination of Normal Bike and Kids Mode. The rider has a yellow helmet with a blue visor. It wears a striped blue suit and black shoes. The bike has fire decorations that are red and yellow.

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Super Bike Concepts

  • The rider of Super bike Almost looks like the Normal Bikeand Kids Mode.
  • If this bike was categorized by stars, it would actually be a 3 star bike, since it has 2 powers.
  • The Speed difference from the Super bike and the Ultra bike is acutually quite noticeable, only being about 0.2 seconds of the speed difference.

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