Summary Edit

  • The Skull rider is a tournament bike that is gotten by getting the head,front,back and suit.
    1 G bike
  • It has 1 star.
  • You can also get it by getting the whole bike from a chest.
  • The Rarity is Rare.

Evolutions Edit

  • It evolves into the Wraith bike when you get a lvl 10 Scooter while being a level 10 Skull Rider.

Strategy Edit

  • The skull rider doesn't have any abilities,but it can be a little hard to get.
  • Since this is a breakable bike,you need to avoid crashing.


  • Black wheels.
  • Black & Blue metal parts.
  • Red lights.
  • Black outer bike.
  • Blue bones in bike.
  • Black suit.
  • Blue stripe on suit.
  • Blue gloves.
  • White shoulder protectors.
  • Silver bottom of helmet.
  • Blue/black helmet.
  • White skull on black part of helmet.
  • Red visor.


  • The Skull Rider is Rarely seen in multiplayer.
  • The Skull Rider is uncommonly seen in tournaments.
  • The Skull Rider has a max level of 10.