Silver Bike

Get 24 stars in Hills

Get 24 stars in Beach

Get 24 stars in Savanna

Win 7 consecutive races.

Beat a Bronze Bike.


  • The Silver Bike is the eighth bike that is unlocked in the shop.


  • The silver bike can be used where high speed is required, just as the Bronze Bike and the Gold Bike


    • The Silver Bike's design is similar to that of a sport motorcycle. The Silver Bike has a silver body with a black seat and tires. Two large exhaust pipes are protruding from the side of the bike. The rider is seen wearing a black jumpsuit with silver-lined boots, silver gloves, and a silver helmet with a black visor and a red light on the back.


  • The Silver Bike is one of the three bikes that coordinate with the medal system.
  • If this bike were starred, it would probably be a 3 star bike.
  • This bike has slower acceleration,but a higher top speed than the Default Bike,just like the Bronze and Gold Bik.

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