• The Scooter Bike is a 1 star tournament bike that is uncommon.
  • It can be obtained by getting the back, front, head/helmet, and body/suit of the Scooter Bike or by getting it from a chest.


  • This bike is just as good as the Retro Bike, so it can be good when you want to do basic levels and tricks.
  • Since it has no other powers other than the Retro Bike's powers, you must use it carefully so you will not crash.


  • Green helmet
  • Blue and brown goggles
  • Chin and cheecks showing skin
  • White, black, and grey shirt
  • Black Gloves
  • Blue jeans
  • Black wheels
  • Grey and dark grey metal parts
  • Black lights
  • White front
  • Red bike
  • White seat


  • The Scooter Bike is usually one of the first bikes you will get when you join tournaments.
  • This bike is commonly seen in tournaments
  • Unlike the Retro Bike the Scooter Bike is not commonly seen in multiplayer.
  • This bike is one of the easiest tournament bikes to unlock.
  • The rider of this bike also rides Love Bike