Santa Hog

Santa's Hog Bike is earned by getting Santa's Bike and getting 87 stars on Holiday levels.


○ Santa's Hog Bike is the second bike with Santa on it and is a Holiday Bike.

○ This bike is earned by getting Santa's Bike and by getting 87 stars on Holiday Levels (Holiday 1, Holiday 2, Holiday 3, and Holiday 4).


○ This bike Doesn't only go in Reverse, but it is also Acrobatic
  • Acrobatic Ability
  • Long Length Ability
  • Reverse Ability
and has a Long Length.

○ All these powers put together make this bike hard to beat, but he has no helmet and is breakable, so you must be careful not to hurt Santa's head or any part of his body/bike.


○ Black wheels.

○ Gold boosters.

○ Green bag with a gold button and black straps.

○ Silver engine.

○ Gold metal parts.

○ Green and gold wheel protectors.

○ Black boots and jacket.

○ White shirt and beard, mustache, and hair.

○ Red pants and rag on head.

○ Raindeer antlers for handles.

○ Light skin tone.

○ Black and brown glasses.


○ This is the first bike that has 2 of its kind.

○ Santa's Hog Bike is not categorized by stars, but if it was, it would be a 4 star bike since it has 3 powers.

○ This bike is common in multiplayer.

○ Since this bike can only be collected 2 times of the year, it is rare.

○ Many people get confused about the 87 stars on Holiday levels part, thinking that by Holiday levels, it is meant to be any level on the Special Pack, but Top Free Games actually means the Holiday 1, 2, 3, and 4 levels.

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