Summary Edit

  • The Rewinder is a One Star Tournament Bike that can be collected by getting the front, back, suit/body, and helmet/head.
  • You can also get it from a chest.

Evolutions Edit

  • Can turn into an XReverse when mixed with a level 10 Scooter Bike while being a level 10 Rewinder Bike.

Strategy Edit

  • This bike is not too different from the Original Bike so you must be good with the normal bike to use this bike.

Appearance Edit

  • Black wheels.
  • Grey metal parts.
  • Grey back driver.
  • Blue back wheel connector.
  • Sky blue bike.
  • Black/Blue space.
  • Transparent blue glass.
  • Red back.
  • Red boots.
  • Red seat.
  • Blue pants.
  • Sky blue undershirt and shoulder pads.
  • Blue shirt.
  • Blue/red visor.

Trivia Edit