• Police Bike

Play with 5 FB friends


  • The Police Bike is the seventh bike unlocked in the shop.


  • The Police Bike doesn't have any abilities, as it is kind of a remake of the Default Bike, but bigger, and usually cannot help you. Keep your eyes on the wheels so it won't crash.
  • Since this bike is big and tall, it is not recommended to use the Police Bike on tracks with low tops.


  • The Police Bike has looks similar to a sport motorcycle; e.g. The Kawasaki Ninja. There is a blue light on the
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    The Police Bike in Bike Race League

    rear of the bike, along with an antenna. The rider resembles a motorcycle policeman, wearing a white full-face helmet and bodysuit and with a P around the back side.


  • The Police Bike is the second bike that requests you to play with facebook friends to unlock hit (5FB Friends).
  • This bike is not starred, but it was it would be a 2 star bike.

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