• The Pirate Bike is a 4 star Tournament bike that you get when collecting the body/suit, helmet/head, back, and
    4 H T E bike
    front of the Pirate Bike.
  • You can also get this bike by getting the entire bike from a chest.



  • This bike has a Long Length, so it can reach hard to get to places.
    • All Wheel Drive Ability
    • Long Length Ability
    • Extra Chance Ability
  • This bike rotates slowly.
  • The Long Length helps keep the front wheel balanced when driving on the front wheel, so you can drive longer on the front wheel.
  • Both the AWD and Long Length Abilities help you get to the flag faster, so you can get a better time.
  • This bike also gives you an Extra Chance, so you can have a better time or so you can try again if you crashed or fell off the track.


  • Black wheels.
  • Silver and grey metal parts.
  • Green and silver bike.
  • Tiny flag with the Extra Chance (+1) Symbol on it.
  • Red windsheild and lights.
  • Dark green boots.
  • Swamp green pants.
  • Dark green shirt.
  • Dark green gloves.
  • Dark green hankercheif.
  • Red jacket.
  • Red helmet.
  • Black curvy decoration on top of helmet.
  • Green visor.


  • This bike is named after a Pirate.
  • This bike's maximum level is 70.