3 R G bike
  • The Phantom bike is a 3 star Tournament Bike.
  • The rarity is Rare.
  • It can be gotten by a chest or by getting the front, back, suit/body, and the helmet/head of the Phantom Bike.


  • Can be mixed into a Blue Angel if you have a level 10 Scooter, a level 50 Cheetah, a level 15 Kick*%& and a level 50 Old School, all while being a level 50 Phantom.


  • The Phantom Bike has ghost abilities, letting you do shortcuts that otherwise couldn't do.
  • It can also go in Reverse, which can also save you some time when you need to go backwards.


  • Blue suit with white bones on it.
  • White skull.
  • Redish, Brownish boots.
    • Ghost AbilityGo to
    • Reverse AbilityGo to
  • Black Wheels.
  • Red lights.
  • Black Back.
  • Blue/Black bike.
  • Redish, Brownish gloves.
  • Grey metal parts.
  • Black Eye holes.


  • The Phantom's maximum level is 50, just like all 3 star bikes.
  • Commonly seen in tournaments.
  • Rarely seen in multiplayer.