• The Ninja Zombie is a 4 star Tournament Bike you can have if you get the body/suit, head, back, and front of the bike.
    4 R C A bike
  • You can also get this bike by collecting the entire bike from a chest.
  • This bike's rarity is Uncommon.
  • In Bike Race Live, this bike's Rarity is Common.



  • This bike is Unbreakable, so the only way you can die with this bike is if you fall off the track.
  • This bike is Acrobatic, so it can rotate very fast.
  • This bike can also go in Reverse, so go backwards on some tracks for shortcuts.
  • Since this bike is Unbreakable, it can do the Scissor Lock, which can help you get a better time.
    • Unbreakable Ability
    • Acrobatic Ability
    • Reverse Ability


  • Black wheels.
  • Silver and grey metal parts and reverse gear.
  • Bright and dark blue bike with yellow spike decorations on the front.
  • White spikes on back of bike.
  • White lights.
  • Dark blue boots and clothes.
  • White spikes on back of shirt.
  • Greenish-grey face color.
  • Red blood marks on face.
  • Black eyebrows.
  • Brown hair with large pink brain sticking out of head.


  • This bike is uncommonly seen in Tournaments.
  • This bike is rarely seen in Multiplayer.
  • This bike's maximum level is 70.
  • The rider of this bike probably died his hair brown, since he still has black eye brows.
  • This bike is the only uncommon 4* bike also making it the crappiest.