The Netherlands Bike is a World Tour/ World Cup bike that represents the Netherlands.

  • The Netherlands bike is a 3 star World Tour/World Cup bike that represents the Netherlands.
  • The Netherlands Bike requires you to get the head/helmet, front, back, and suit/body in order to unlock it. To get these parts, you must spend coins/gems on a Normal Bike Machine or a Rare Bike machine.


  • This Bike is about 3 miliseconds faster than the Normal Bike.


  • This Bike has the colors of the Netherlands flag on the shoulder of the suit and the front of the bike.
  • Wheels are black
  • Metal parts and suit and helment are orange and black.


  • This bike is unusually orange because the flag is red, white, and blue
  • Just like holiday bikes, world tour bikes are rare because you can only get them 2 times a year.
  • World Tour Bikes are not as rare as the Holiday bikes Because you can get them longer than 2 months.
  • Since this is one of the rarist World Tour/World Cup bikes because it is hard to get.