• Multiplayer is a Game Mode in Bike race with every single level.
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  • This Game Mode is usually used to race friends, race strangers, talk to players when racing, getting certain Bikes, and making groups. On Multiplayer, you can also find rankings of all your Facebook friends have, and rankings of the people on your Multiplayer list.


  • To unlock Multiplayer mode, you must get 9 stars on Single Player.
  • To unlock certain Bikes, you must race people on Multiplayer and beat a certain Bike of theirs.
  • You don't get to choose which levels to race on in Multiplayer, and neither can your opponent. The levels are chosen at random based on how many levels both you, and your opponent, have completed.


  • Multiplayer was the 2nd Game Mode in Bike Race.
  • Licenses are rarely done on Multiplayer.