• The Love Bike is a Holiday Bike that can only be unlocked in Febuary and November.
  • To get this bike, you need to Get 48 stars in Advanced Levels, and Win 15 Tourneys.


  • This Bike is very similar to the Scooter Bike, so be careful not to crash.


  • Black wheels
  • Pink and red lights
  • Blue Bike (outside)
  • Blue heart on Bike
  • Silver exhaust pipe
  • Large black seat
  • Grey bike (inside)
  • Driver wears white and red shoes
  • Driver wears blue jeans
  • Driver wears black jacket
  • Driver and girl wear grey goggles with blue lenses
  • Driver and girl wear red helmets
  • Girl wears silver boots
  • Girl wears red pants
  • Girl wears blue jacket girl has blonde hair


  • The driver of this Bike also drives the Scooter Bike.
  • This is the first Bike to have two people riding it at the same time.
  • This is currently the only Bike to have two people riding it at the same time.
  • This Bike is rare, since it can only be acquired two times per year.

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