The Liberty Bike can be added to your collection of bikes by Getting 24 Stars on Fourth of July levels and by Winning 15 multiplayer races with 3 backflips.



•The Liberty Bike is an American bike that is Acrobatic and has a great brake.

•The requirements of this bike are to Get 24 stars in 4th of July Levels and Win 15 multiplayer races with 3 backflips in July or November.

  • Acrobatic Ability

This Bike is Acrobatic, letting you do flips and tricks easily

•This bike has a very good brake on Android but on IOS, it is the same as the Acrobat/Acrobatic bikes.


•The Liberty Bike has the colors of America (Red, white, and blue with white stars).

• Black wheels

•Red Cape

•White helmet with a blue line with stars going down

•White suit with a blue belt

•Grey metal parts of bike and pedals and handles.


•The Liberty Bike update also came with a new multiplayer update on IOS

•The Liberty Bike was available on July for IOS, but since it was new, it was available for Android users on early August.

• This Bike is considered rare, since it can only be added to your bike collection in July and November.

• This bike is not categorized by stars, but if it was, it would be a 2 star bike, because it has one ability.

• This bike can be added to your collection of holiday bikes.