[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of {{{name}}}]]
basic information
RING NAME(S) {{{ring names}}}
BILLED HEIGHT {{{height}}}
WEIGHT {{{weight}}}
BORN {{{born}}}
HOMETOWN {{{hometown}}}
BILLED FROM {{{billed from}}}
COMPANY {{{current efeds}}}
BRAND {{{brand}}}
advanced information
ALIGNMENT {{{alignment}}}
THEME SONG {{{theme song}}}
STYLE {{{wrestling style}}}
FINISHER(S) {{{finisher}}}
TRAINER(S) {{{trainer}}}
HANDLER {{{handler}}}
professional career
PRO DEBUT {{{debut}}}
RECORD {{{wld}}}
ACCOMPLISHMENTS {{{accomplishments}}}

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