The kitty bike can be earned in an uncommon chest or by getting the front, back, suit/body, and head/helmet

  • The Kitty Bike is a 1 star Tournament Bike that has the powers of the Girl Bike.
  • It can be unlocked by getting an uncommon chest or by getting the front, back, body/suit, and the head/helmet.



  • This bike is exactly like the Girl Bike (other than the appearance) because it is a little bit more acrobatic than the Normal Bike.


  • The rider's bike, suit, and helmet are mostly blue.
  • The back of the bike has a tiny bit of red and the front has a little bit of yellow in a shape.
  • The helmet's back is blue while the front is yellow with a red eye protector.
  • Wheels are black.
  • Handles are grey
  • There are 3 lines for the rider to breath from on the helmet.
  • Middle of back wheel has a yellow dot and line while the front has a blue dot and line.


  • This bike is rarely seen in multiplayer.
  • This bike is one of the easiest bikes to get.
  • This bike is not rare.
  • This bike looks a little like the Acrobat.