Hog Bike

Beat a Ninja Bike

Beat a Ghost Bike

Beat a Police Bike

Beat a Super Bike

  • Hog AbilityGo to
  • The hog bike is the tenth bike that you unlock in the shop.
  • This Bike's Rarity is Common.


  • The Hog Bike is longer than most of the other bikes in the game, meaning it has the Long Length Ability. The finish line is slightly easier to reach, he can also reach or climb some parts of the track easier, while in hog tall, he can die faster than any other bike due to the length of his bike.
  • This bike has a helmet that can go very deep into the track without crashing, but if you go too deep, it will crash.


  • The Hog Bike resembles a cruiser style motorcycle and features a pirate flag on the rear of the bike. The rider is wearing a leather jacket with leather gloves, gray pants, black boots, and a black helmet with motorcycle goggles.


  • The Hog Bike is one of the two bikes in Bike Race that is longer than all other bikes.
  • The Hog Bike also appears to be hard to unlock, that he request you to beat Ninja, Police, Super, Ghost bikers in multiplayer, while ninja and Police are slim to be founded, super is absoulutely hard to beat, while the easy and common bike appears is Ghost Bike.