Summary Edit

  • The High Tech is a Four Star Tournament Bike that you can collect when you find the body/suit, head/helmet, back, and front.
  • You can also have this bike by getting the full bike from a chest.
  • This bike's rarity is Super Rare.

Strategy Edit

  • This bike has a small space under its back, which can be used to save the bike from crashing. But the chances of making that happen are not very high.
  • This bike is not very different from the Regular Bike, so you better not crash, and you must be careful when using it.

Appearance Edit

  • Black wheels.
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    The High Tech (aka Black Wasp) in Bike Race League

  • Silver and black bike and metal parts.
  • Blue and Black lights.
  • Silver boots, belt, gloves, and shoulder pads.
  • Bright blue pants and shirt.
  • Silver helmet with yellow decoration.
  • Blue visor.

Trivia Edit

  • This bike is rarely seen on Tournaments.
  • This bike is rarely seen on Multiplayer.
  • This bike's maximum level is 70.
  • This bike often gets confused with the High Tech Bike, and is the only bike that copied another bike's name.
  • This Bike is also known as the Black Wasp.