Halloween Bike


  • Halloween Bike only can be Unlocked in October and November.
  • You need 24 Stars in Halloween Levels, You also need to Win 10 Consecutive Races.


  • This bike is somehow a bit faster than Default bike, just faster by 0.2 seconds,so about this, do not get crashed or dont over-use him for speeds, he may crash into a wall.


  • Halloween Bike's rider has a Jack-o-lantern as his helmet.
  • Halloween Bike also wearing Witch-like Shoes.
  • His bike is made of bones instead of metal.
  • Wheels are also Made of spider webs, Only left is the Tires are normal.
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  • Halloween Bike Rider's Hand are made of bones, and its catching in Skull's Bike Horn.


  • Halloween Bike is the first Holiday Bike you will get in this game.
  • He's rarely to be seen in Multiplayer.
  • He's also difficult to be unlocked because Halloween Levels are hard to beginner players, especially at Level 7 and 8, Also that he request you to Win 10 Consecutive Races, which it means you need to beat the players in multiplayer 10 times in a row without losing.
  • This bike is not categorized by stars, but if it was, it would probably be a 3 star bike since it is a little faster than normal bike and is hard to get.