•  The Grim Reaper is a 4 star Tournament Bike you get when collecting the body/suit, head/helmet, back, and front.
  •  The Grim Reaper can be formed by evolving an Undead Acrobat and an AcrobatHog.
  • You can also get the whole bike from a chest.
  • This Bike's Rarity is Rare.
  • This Bike is Epic in Bike Race Live.



  • This bike has a Long Length, so it can get to hard-to-reach places easily.
  • This bike is Acrobatic, so it can do more flips and tricks than bikes that are not Acrobatic.
    • Acrobatic Ability
    • Long Length Ability
    • Unbreakable Ability
  • This bike is Unbreakable, so it can only die by falling off of the track.
  • Even though this bike has a Long Length, it's also Acrobatic, so you should have no problem doing flips since the Acrobatic Ability makes the bike's rotation match it's speed.


  • Black wheels.
  • Yellow, white, and grey metal parts.
  • Dark grey and yellow bike.
  • White spikes on front, middle, and back of bike.
  • Red lights on front and back of bike.
  • Gold metal part on front wheel.
  • Red circle on upper front of the bike.
  • Black seat and handles.
  • Brown boots.
  • Black pants.
  • Grey shirt with ripped arm sleeves and white spikes on the back.
  • Grey colored face with blood.
  • Black eyebrows.
  • Brown hair.
  • Pink brain sticking out of head.


  • This bike is rarely seen in Multiplayer.
  • This bike is uncommonly seen in Tournaments.
  • This bike's maximum level is 70.