Gold Bike

Get 24 stars in Desert 2

Get 24 stars in Arctic 2

Win 12 consecutive races

Win 5,000 games on multiplayer

Beat a Silver Bike


  • The Gold Bike is the fourteenth and last original bike that is unlocked in the shop. This bike is used for showing ones rank in the game, and therefore has no strategical differences between the Default Bike.


The Gold Bike in the Bike Race Card Game

  • The color gold means that this bike is hard to get and therefore shows your rank.
  • Since this is a breakable bike, you need to avoid crashing.
  • This bike, along with other Original Bikes is the same speed as the Default bike
  • In the Bike Race Card Game, this bike goes 70 km/h, and uses 2 of 3 Gas.


  • The Gold Bike's design is similar to that of a sport motorcycle. The Gold Bike has a golden body, a brown seat, and black tires. Two large exhaust pipes are protruding from the side of the bike. The rider is seen wearing a brown jumpsuit with gold-lined boots, gold gloves, and a gold helmet with a black visor and a red

    The old Gold Bike design

    light on the back.
  • The old version of the Gold Bike is looks more gold-colored than the current version. It has sparkles on the front, back and helmet. The wheels are black and the bike has black lines and circles all over the bike. The windshield and the seat are both brown. The back lights of the bike are red. The rider wears shiny brown boots with a gold top and bottom with matching gloves, and a brown jumpsuit with golden shoulder pads. The helmet is gold with lines and shapes on it and a brown visor.


  • The Gold Bike is one of the three bikes that coordinate with the colors of the medal system.
  • The Gold Bike is the hardest bike to unlock, the problem players who got is to complete at least 5000 games in multiplayer, this takes too much effort to unlock this bike,players will take a very long time playing this game,so the last and only choice is to buy it for $4.99,and it can be hard to get 24 stars in Desert 2 and Arctic 2(for some players)Meaning when you get to these levels,use a bike that is unbreakable so it can be easier.
  • This bike has slower acceleration, but a higher top speed than the Default Bike just like the Bronze Bike and the Silver Bike.