Ghost Bike

Play with 20 FB friends

  • Ghost Ability
  • The Ghost Bike is an original bike that has ghost power and is unlocked by connecting to Facebook and playing with 20 friends or buying it for $7.99.
  • This Bike's Rarity is Epic.


  • The Ghost bike is the second bike who doesn't get destroyed.
  • It is the first bike who can pass the tracks part using his body and the bike too (as the name said, the ghost bike has less opacity than the Regular Bike), while the tires cannot pass track's parts, he also appears the 3rd best bike in this game, you can use him in hard levels, places hard to reach, or also getting 3 stars in some levels or just getting a better ghost time record.
  • It has the Ghost Ability.


  • The Ghost Bike features a light pink body with black tires. The rider is wearing a light blue / white jumpsuit and the helmet depicts a human skull.


  • The only way to die with the Ghost bike is by falling off the track or by committing suicide.
  • This bike is one of the most common Original bikes that is used in a Single/Multiplayer Game.
  • The Ghost Bike also is a bike who has chance to get into shortcuts.
  • The ghost ability is one of the ability's that can perform a Scissor lock
  • If this bike was categorized by stars, it would be a 2 star bike, since it has 1 power.
  • This bike requires you to play with the most FB friends out of all bikes/levels.
  • Until Tournament Bikes came out,this bike has been the only bike that had the amazing ghost power.
  • All bikes that have ghost power wear a Skull instead of a helmet.
  • In some devices,the bike is called "Ghost Rider".
  • The Wraith bike has the same abilities as the ghost bike.
  • There is a glitch where if you slam into a track hard enough, the bike goes under the tires.