• The Free Wheel is a Three Star Tournament Bike that you can get by getting the suit/body, helmet/head, back, and front of the Free Wheel.
  • You can also get the whole bike from a special chest or special tourney.
  • Evolving a Super Trooper and AWD will create this Bike.
  • This Bike's rarity is Super Rare.



  • This Bike has Super Speed, so you can zoom to the finish line.
    • AWD Ability
    • Super Speed Ability
  • This Bike has the All Wheel Drive Ability, so you can drive on your front and back wheels with this bike.
  • This Bike is fast, but it's rotation speed doesn't match with its driving speed, so it can be harder to flip.
  • Just like all breakable fast Bikes, if you go to fast, you'll crash, so don't go to fast all the time.


  • Black wheels
  • Grey metal parts
  • White bike with dark and light blue flame decorations
  • Blue lights
  • Dark Blue windshield
  • Black turbo engine
  • White shes
  • Red, white, and black suit
  • Red seat
  • White helmet
  • Red parts on helmet
  • Dark blue visor


  • This Bike's maximum level is 50.