• The Cheetah Bike is a 3 star Tournament Bike that you can get by getting the back, front, body/suit, and head/helmet of the Cheetah Bike.
    3 A S bike
  • This bike can also be yours by getting the full bike from a chest.



  • This bike has Super Speed, so you can zoom through the tracks as you please, but be careful, or you will crash.
    • Acrobatic Ability
    • Super Speed Ability
  • This bike is also Acrobatic, meaning you have more control of the bike.


  • Black wheels.
  • Silver metal parts.
  • Blue bike.
  • Yellow flame decorations on bike.
  • Turquoise boosters and seat.
  • Red lights.
  • Dark blue boots.
  • Baby-blue pants.
  • Dark blue and baby-blue coat.
  • Dark blue gloves.
  • Blue windshield.
  • Decorative red visor.
  • Decorative yellow and blue helmet.


  • This is the rarest 3* bike.
  • This is the hardest 3* bike to get.
  • This bike is rarely used in Tournaments.
  • This bike is rarely used in Multiplayer.