• Special Chest
  • Ruby Video & Shop
  • Chest Prize
  • Tournaments
  • 6 Rubies
  • Rubies
  • Rubies Hack
  • Chest Opening Prize
  • Game Of Tournaments
  • Level Up Level
  • Maximum Level 50
  • Abilities + Ability
  • Go to Tournaments
  • Bike Race TournamentsGo to Ttwy6iuo89T
  • Garage
  • Tournament Garage
  • Garage - Catalog, Add Slots
  • Garage Is Tournaments
  • Catalog
  • Bike Tournaments
  • All Bikes
  • Special Chest

Summary Edit

  • Tournaments is a Game Mode in Bike race with every single level.
  • This Game Mode is usually used to race multiple people at once, certain Bikes, and collect Rubies.
  • You need at least 90 stars on Single Player and at least 50 Multiplayer Wins to have Tournaments unlocked.


  • Do as many Tournaments as you can.
  • If you run out of gas, watch a video & buy.
  • If you run out of collect rubies, watch a video & buy.
  • Level up bikes.
  • Plan on which Bikes you want to mix and create.
  • You can not choose the levels of the Tournaments, only the order to play them, so be ready for whatever is thrown at you.
  • Special Chest Opening.
  • Star Chest Opening.
  • Created Chest Opening.
  • Mod Chest Opening.
  • Super Chest Opening.
  • World Chest Opening.
  • Level Chest Opening.
  • Abilities Chest Opening.
  • Rarities Chest Opening.
  • Track Chest Opening

Trivia Edit

  • This Game Mode brought 37 new Bikes to Bike Race, and 2 new Abilities.

Licenses are rarely done on Tournaments.

Secondly Edit

  • Bike Race Them Is A Tournaments.
  • Bike Race.

Weekly Edit

  • Bike Race Chest Prize.
  • Special Chest Opening

Minutely Edit

Bike Race Begin Evolution

Bikes To Fuse

(Primary + Secondary + Weekary + Hourary --> Begin Evolution)

(Fix Issues Evolve Bikes - Not Level Max Bike, Missing Bike)

(Right Bikes - Evolve Begin Evolution Bike, In Use Bike)

(Fix Issues Evolve Bikes Not Level Max Bike - Level Up Bike)

(Fix Issues Evolve Bikes Missing Bike - Go To Tournaments)

(Right Bikes In Use Bike - Don't Evolve, Evolve Away)

Hourly Edit

Bike Race Tournament Chest

  • Special
  • Star
  • Created
  • Level
  • Mod
  • Common
    Xmas map button

    Have a nice Christmas

Detect Edit

  • Bike Race Star Chest Opening.
  • If you run out of Rubies , watch a video & buy.

Determines Edit


This Game Mode brought 37 new Bikes to Bike Race, and collect Rubies 

Special Chests, are part of tournaments in Bike Race. In these types of chests you can find bikes or parts that range from rare to legendary.


Bike race Maximum Level 50

IMG 0405 (1)

For tournaments


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