Rarities show how rare Tournament Bikes and World Tour Bikes are in order to show how hard they are to get. The rarities are based off of the Bike's number of stars, their abilities, their importance, and the likeliness of getting the Bikes. Not all Bikes have Rarities.

List of Rarities:

  • Common- Easy to get, most likely to get, only 1* Tournaments have Common Bikes, Color is black in Tournaments, but is blue in Live.
  • Uncommon- Easy to get, but not as easy to get as Common Bikes, color is brown.
  • Rare- Hard to get, but you still have a good chance of getting a Rare Bike, color is purple.
  • Super Rare- Very hard to get, don't have a good chance of getting a Super Rare Bike From a regular Tournament, color is gold.
  • Epic- Extremely hard to get, this Rarity is only existent in Bike Race Live, color is purple.
  • Legendary- Extremely hard to get, almost impossible, can never get any Legendary Bikes from regular Tournaments, color is Red.

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