The Rare Rarity is a Rarity used for Bikes. Bikes with this rarity are hard to get, but not as hard to get as Super Rare Bikes.

Rare Tournament Bike

Bikes with this Rarity:

Rare Live Bike

  • Lucky
  • Skull Rider
  • Zombie Bike
  • Kickass
    • 1 Star Rare Rarity
    • 2 Star Rare Rarity
    • 3 Star Rare Rarity
    • 4 Star Rare Rarity
  • Wraith
  • Australia Bike
  • Italy Bike
  • Brazil Bike
  • England Bike
  • USA Bike
  • Bitter Behind (In Live)
  • Undead Acrobat (In Live)
  • Amulet Hog
  • Old School
  • Phantom
  • Agile Soul
  • Grim Reaper
  • Maniac (In Live)

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