• Live is a Game Mode in Bike race with a many levels.

    Live is a Game Mode in Bike Race with many levels.

  • This Game Mode is used to race random people live, upgrade bikes, get trophies, open chests, and buy cards and chests.


  • You don't get any extra chances, so try to do the moves in 1 shot.
  • Try to win 2-3 live races each race, so you will gain trophies.
  • Level up Bikes.
  • Don't waste gems, use them for Ultra Chests.
  • You can not choose the levels of the live races, nor can you choose the order, so be ready for whatever is thrown at you!
  • Choose the bike that will be best for the map, since you can choose out of the 3 bikes you equip.
  • You can only change your name once, so choose a name you really want.


  • This Game Mode is not part of the Bike Race app, it is its own app.
  • This Game Mode only has 16 Bikes.
  • This Game Mode is No Longer Available.
  • Bike Race Live's abbreviated form (BRL) often gets confused with Bike Race League.