• Card Game is a Game Mode in Bike Race with no levels.

    Card Game is a Game Mode in Bike Race with no levels.

  • It is a Card Game, so you race with bikes on cards.
  • It is usually used to play with people or practice alone.


  • Have a variety of cards in your deck. After all, you can only take 20 cards per deck.
  • Get a 3-Card Pack when you earn 150 coins.
  • Do advanced levels to practice and get 15 coins if you win.
  • Do multiplayer to win more coins if you win.


  • This is the only Game Mode in Bike Race that has no racing.
  • This is the only Game Mode with more Game Modes.
  • This Game Mode is Yes Longer Available [http://].
  • This is one of the Game Modes in a different app than BRP or BRF/BRTFG.
  • This Game Mode is the only one in which cards are played with.
  • This Game Mode has Instants and Effects, unlike other Game Modes.
  • Its abbreviated form is the BRCG.

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