Summary Edit

5 H T E S bike
  • The Bandida Bike is a 5 star Tournament Bike that you can recieve by getting the suit/body, helmet/head, back, and front of the Bandida.
  • You can alternetly get the full bike from a chest.

Evolutions Edit

Strategy Edit

  • It has Super Speed, so you can go very fast with this bike.
    • AWD Ability
    • Super Speed Ability
    • Extra Chance Ability
    • Long Length Ability
  • This bike also has a Long Length, so you can reach hard-to-reach places easily that would be harder for other bikes to do.
  • This bike has the AWD Ability, so you can drive on both the back and front wheels.
  • The rotation speed of this bike is twice as slow as most other Long Length bikes, because the Long Length makes it rotate slower, and the Super Speed makes it even harder to rotate.

Appearance Edit

  • Black wheels.
  • Silver and grey metal parts
  • Grey, black, and silver bike with green and light green flame decorations.
  • Black turbo engine.
  • Red lights and windshield.
  • Dark green boots.
  • Dark green pants.
  • Red jacket with dark green handkerchief wrapped around neck above the jacket.
  • Red helmet with a black curvy decoration on the top of the helmet.
  • Green visor.

Trivia Edit

  • This bike is one of the hardest-to-use, despite having many Abilities.
  • The maximum level of this bike is 99.
  • This is the rarest Tournament bike.