Army Bike

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  • The Army Bike is the thirteenth original bike you will probably unlock in Bike Race.


  • Army Bike has the Long Length Ability like the Hog Bike, the finish line is slightly easier to reach and you can also reach or climb some parts of the track easier, although he can die faster than any other bike doe of the length of his bike.
  • This bike has a helmet that can go very deep into the track without crashing, but if you go too deep, it will crash.


  • The Army Bike has a long length. It is green with a star near the front wheel. The rider wears a brown coat with sheep wool. The bike has a leather bag to the bike near the back wheel. It has a helmet that is green and purple vision goggles.


  • Army bike appears to be the second copy bike, The other is Bronze, Silver, and Gold Bikes.
  • Army Bike and Hog Bike are bikes that are rarely used in multiplayer.
  • Army Bike somehow appears to be the easiest one to unlock behind the Girl Bike and Retro Bike, he only needs 65 Stars from a custom level made, just play easy levels, and the last one is to gift a custom made level, its super easy, even we suggest you to unlock him instead of Hog Bike.But for some players it might be hard.
  • If this bike was categorized by stars, it would be a 2 star bike, since it has 1 power.