• Its Rarity is Rare.



  • This bike has the Extra Chance Ability, so you get an extra chance to beat a level.
    • Long Length Ability
    • Extra Chance Ability
  • This bike has a Long Length, so it can reach the flag faster and can get you some shortcuts that would otherwise be harder to do.
  • This bike has a helmet that can go very deep into the track without crashing, but if you go too deep, it will crash.


  • Black wheels.
  • Red and black bike
  • Grey and green metal parts.
  • Green and black windshield and lights.
  • Grey flagpole with a red flag with a green skull on the back of the bike.
  • Black seat.
  • Red and black boots.
  • Dark grey pants.
  • Red and black coat.
  • Red and black helmet.
  • Green visor.


  • This bike's max level is 50.