2 E bike


  • The Amulet Bike is a 2 stared bike that needs you to get its back, front, body/suit, and head/helmet.
  • You can also get it from a chest.
  • Its rarity is rare.


Strategy Edit

  • Extra Chance Ability
  • This bike gives you an Extra Chance, so you can have another chance to get to the flag if you crash.


  • Black wheels.
  • Red & black metal parts.
  • Red/black/grey bike.
  • Green lights.
  • Green glass.
  • Dark swamp green shoes.
  • Grey pants.
  • Red & black coat.
  • Red helmet.
  • Green visor.
  • Black part on top of helmet.


  • Max level is 15.
  • Rarely seen in multiplayer.
  • Uncommonly seen in tournaments.

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