Summary Edit

  • The Agile Soul is a 4 star tournament bike and is unlocked by having the Agile Soul suit/body, head, back, and front.
  • You can also unlock this bike by getting the whole bike from a chest.
  • It is a Rare bike.
  • In Bike Race Live, this is an Epic Bike.


Strategy Edit

  • The Agile Soul can go in Reverse, so you can go backwards on levels as needed.
    • Reverse Ability
    • Acrobatic Ability
    • Ghost Ability
  • This bike has the Ghost Ability, so it can go through the track without breaking.
  • This bike is also Acrobatic, so you can move freely and it's rotation speed matches the bike's speed.
  • The only way this bike can die is by falling off of the track.


  • Black wheels.
  • Silver metal parts.
  • Silver reverse gear..
  • Blue bike with yellow spike decoration made to make the bike look like an eagle.
  • Red lights and windshield.
  • Two backs of bikes, the bottom one being curving down.
  • Light blue seat.
  • Light blue shoes.
  • Blue pants with light blue belt.
  • Blue shirt.
  • Light blue gloves.
  • Very small skull on shoulder used as a shoulder pad.
  • Skull head.


  • This bike is uncommon in Tournaments.
  • This bike is rare in multiplayer.
  • This bike's maximum level is 70.