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  • The Acrobat Bike is a 2-star tournament bike.
    2 A bike
  • This bike can be obtained by getting the front, back, body and helmet of the Acrobat Bike
  • You can also get the whole Acrobat Bike from a chest.
  • This bike's rarity is Uncommon.

Evolutions Edit

  • This bike is made with a level 10 Kitty and a level 10 Scooter.
  • This bike can be evolved into an Acrobathog if you mix a level 15 Acrobat with a level 10 Scooter, a level 15 Kickass, and a level 15 Hedgehog.

Strategy Edit

  • This bike is acrobatic, letting you do flips and tricks easily.
  • This bike's powers are limited since it has no other powers and it can die if you are not careful enough.

Appearance Edit

  • This bike looks almost exactly like the Kitty Bike except it is Bigger and buffer.
  • It has black wheels.
  • It has black brakes and grey metal parts.
  • Back is red.
  • Other part of back is yellow.
  • Blue middle and front of bike.
  • Yellow other part of front.
  • Red front lights.
  • Baby blue suit.
  • Shiny blue gloves.
  • Shiny blue shoes.
  • 3 black lines on chin of helmet.
  • Red front of helmet.
  • Yellow middle of helmet.
  • Blue back of helmet.


  • This bike is uncommon.
  • This bike is one of the easiest 2 star bike to get.
  • This bike is commonly seen in multiplayer.
  • This actively seen on tournaments at times.
  • This bike is exactly like the Acrobatic Bike other than the appearance.
  • It evolves from the Kitty and the scooter bike,both needed at lvl 10 to evolve.
  • The level max for this bike is level 15,just like all other 2 star bikes.