• You can also get the full bike from a special chest or special tournament.



  • This bike has the Super Speed, so it can go very fast.
  • This bike also has a Long Length, so it can do tricks easily that would be harder to do with other bikes.
    • Long Length Ability
    • Super Speed Ability
    • All Wheel Drive Ability
  • This bike is hard to control since the Long Length makes it rotate slower, and it's Super Speed does not match it's rotation speed.


  • Black wheels.
  • White and green bike.
  • Black turbo boosters.
  • Green flame decorations on bike.
  • Red lights.
  • Silver metal parts.
  • Green boots and gloves.
  • Black suit.
  • Green helmet.
  • Black visor.


  • This bike's maximum level is 70.
  • This is the rarest 4 star bike.