Summary Edit

  • The AWD Bike is a 2 star tournament bike that is gotten by getting the head,suit,back and front of the AWD.
  • It can also be collected by getting the whole bike from a chest.
    2 T bike
  • Its rarity is Super Rare.
  • In Bike Race Live, this bike's rarity is Common.


  • Can evolve into a Rebel AWD when mixed with a level 15 Kick%*&, a level 15 Hedgehog, a level 10 Scooter Bike, all while being a level 15 AWD.
    • All Wheel Drive Ability

Strategy Edit

  • This ability is super useful when you have to land onto other parts of the tracks without losing speed.
  • Since this bike is breakable,you need to avoid crashing.
  • This bike has a space on the back that helps you avoid crashing.


  • Black wheels.
  • Grey metal parts and front wheel driver.
  • Green bottom and part of front.
  • Red back.
  • Grey middle and part of back.
  • Black spot near middle.
  • Black suit.
  • Shiny black shoes.
  • Shiny red visor.
  • Shiny red part on top of front.
  • Green helmet.


  • Just like all 2 star bikes, the AWD Bike's maximum level is 15.
  • This bike is commonly seen in tournaments.
  • This bike is rarely seen in multiplayer.